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Create a Full Screen, Scalable Flash Website: Part 2


In this part of the tutorial, you'll learn how to implement SWFAddress, which lets your users bookmark specific pages and use their Back and Forward buttons. We'll also improve the scaling of the tile-based navigation bar.

(The first part of this tutorial is available here.)

Final Result Preview

Open the preview in a new window and navigate through the site. Notice how the URL changes in the address bar. Also, try clicking the Back and Forward buttons in your browser; even though this is a fully Flash Web site, they'll work.

Next, check out how the tile-based navigation at the bottom of the page acts when the browser is shrunk; it's a big step up from the previous version.

Section 1: Navigation

Section 2: Changing Scene Content

Section 3: Transitions and Project Panels

Section 4: Turning Our Attention to the News Section

Section 5: Building a Basic Contact Form

Section 6: Implementing SWFAddress

Section 7: Improving the Tile-Based Navigation with TileBG

Section 8: Fixing the "Featured" Page

Tune in again for Part 3, where we'll focus on preloading and loading content from an XML file.

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