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Conquer the Universe With ActionScript 3.0 and the Flixel Game Engine: Part 2

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Read Time: 1 min

The Flixel game engine aims is to take the donkey work out of building AS3 games, leaving you with all the fun stuff and saving heaps of time!

During Part 1 of this screencast, Shane covered the basics of Flixel and began work on his brilliant 8-bit style shoot 'em up. In this second part he takes things further, creating enemies, backgrounds, explosions, the health monitor, the playing arena, other assets and more. The end result is well worth following along for, even for the non-gamers amongst you..

View Screencast: Section One

Enemy Creation

View Screencast: Section Two

Background and Extra Assets

View Screencast: Section Three

Creating the Main Play Arena

View Screencast: Section Four

Finishing Off

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