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Best Classified Plugins for WordPress

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Do you want to create a classified ads website to publish listings and advertisements? Do you want to add a classified section on your blog or magazine?

Building a classified website from scratch is a massive undertaking that will cost you a lot of time and money. Fortunately, classified plugins exist with all the hard work done for you, and they are very affordable.

Once you buy and install a classified plugin, you get many out-of-the-box features to get you started. Your main focus will be running your classified website, not coding or configuring your website.

On CodeCanyon, you will find a variety of classified plugins to suit your needs.

Classipro is an example of classified plugins available on CodeCanyon.

In this post, I’ll show you some premium classified ads plugins available on CodeCanyon.

Best-Selling Classified Ads WordPress Plugins on CodeCanyon

For a small one-time payment, you can find some of the best classified ads WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon.

Topeselling classifieds Plugins on CodeCanyonTopeselling classifieds Plugins on CodeCanyonTopeselling classifieds Plugins on CodeCanyon

The classified plugins you will find on CodeCanyon come with powerful features like:

  • advert submission forms
  • search functionality
  • automatic geolocation and location selector
  • forms for contacting sellers
  • and so much more

1. Classifier: Classified Ads WordPress Directory Listing Plugin


With this plugin, you can create a paid or free classified listing directory. From the user dashboard, visitors can perform all actions from the front end like posting ads, changing their profile image, and managing their profile and Facebook chat settings. It also comes with a built-in review system.

From the admin side, you can customize your website by selecting from search and homepage layouts. The posted ads can be manually or automatically approved. You can earn money from featured ads and bump-up ads. There are unlimited payment gateways to make it easy for visitors to use the online payment methods they prefer.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • built-in automatic ad view counter
  • ad video option
  • built-in review system
  • geolocation-based search
  • search by location radius
  • private chat system for users to chat with each other

2. Classipro: Classified Ads WordPress Plugin


Classipro is a feature-rich multipurpose WordPress plugin which can be used for classified websites, car dealerships, car rental listings, real estate listings, mobile dealerships, and general business directories. You can create paid or free directories that have manual or automatic approval. You can monetize your website with featured ads, highlighted ads, and bump-up ads.

Additional features of the plugin include:

  • featured and normal ad listings
  • Google address locator
  • Google geolocation
  • one-to-one private chat system
  • Google and Facebook login integrated

3. Web Directory 2.0

web directory 2.0 Wordpress Pluginweb directory 2.0 Wordpress Pluginweb directory 2.0 Wordpress Plugin

This multipurpose WordPress plugin is ideal for classified websites, among others. There are multiple options to set up revenue-generating streams from your personal WordPress dashboard. You can use the plugin for both free and paid listings. Visitors can submit new listings and packages of listings, and they can claim and manage existing listings using the website front-end.

The plugin offers tons of features. Print listings, saved bookmarks, PDF downloads, SEO-friendly pages, images, YouTube and Vimeo video attachments, custom fields, custom icons, custom colors, and much more.

4. Directories Pro: Directory Plugin for WordPress

Directories Pro - Directory plugin for WordPressDirectories Pro - Directory plugin for WordPressDirectories Pro - Directory plugin for WordPress

The Directories Pro plugin allows you to build any kind of listing, including classified listings. It’s the most feature-rich and versatile directory plugin you can find for WordPress.

Some notable features include:

  • submit listings or reviews from the front-end
  • manage listings, reviews, claims, and votes through the front-end directory dashboard
  • search and filter by custom fields or proximity (with geolocation)
  • WooCommerce support to charge users for submitting new listings or claiming existing listings
  • guest checkout
  • create add-on plans for additional revenue

5. DT: Directory WordPress Plugin

DT - Directory WordPress PluginDT - Directory WordPress PluginDT - Directory WordPress Plugin

DT is a powerful WordPress plugin for directory listings, including classified ad websites. It is fully responsive and comes with attractive customizable templates to create unique listings.

Features include:

  • create different classified submission packages
  • allow business ads for a fee
  • star ratings and reviews with image upload
  • a carousel for listings, pages, or packages
  • users can save favorites
  • track listing page views
  • works with WooCommerce for a complete payment process

This plugin is compatible with all popular SEO plugins, as well as the Elementor and Visual Composer page builders. You can use it with any good WordPress theme.

Free Classified Plugins for WordPress

Classified Listing

Classified Listing Classified Listing Classified Listing

By using this responsive classifieds plugin, you can create a classified listing website easily. Some notable features include offline and online payment systems, social sharing, and manual or automatic approval system.

WPAdverts: Classifieds Plugin

WPAdverts – Classifieds PluginWPAdverts – Classifieds PluginWPAdverts – Classifieds Plugin

WPAdverts is a modern and responsive classifieds plugin that allows users to browse, edit, and delete their own ads. You can allow both anonymous and registered users. It has payment modules to track user payments and transaction logs. A bank transfer payment gateway is included.

Posterno Listing Directory and Classifieds

Posterno – Listings Directory & ClassifiedsPosterno – Listings Directory & ClassifiedsPosterno – Listings Directory & Classifieds

Posterno is a powerful, extendable directory plugin that helps you create, manage, and monetize any kind of listings and classified directories. Your imagination is the only limit.

WordPress Classifieds Plugin: Ad Directory and Listings

With the AWP Classifieds plugin, you can add a classified ads section to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.

TerraClassifieds: Simple Classifieds Plugin

TerraClassifieds is a free WordPress classifieds plugin that allows you to create a simple classifieds website with WordPress.

What to Look for in a WordPress Classified Plugin

  • An efficient and manageable front-end submission system makes it easy for you to maintain the classified listings and will let you crowdsource listings.
  • Location-based searches with integrated maps help users see what's being offered in the areas closest to them.
  • Security: Protecting the personal and financial data of customers is a priority.
  • Tools for customers to rate and review businesses.
  • Ease of use: it needs to be easy for users to add adverts and make changes to them.
  • Easy to customize: so it can integrate seamlessly with the design of your website.
  • Compatibility across all browsers and devices—especially mobile devices, including touch responsiveness.
  • Integration with payment gateways in case you want to offer premium features and also if visitors want to pay through your website.
  • Integration with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.
  • Integrated analytics so you can understand traffic patterns and sales across different listings.
  • Support is non-negotiable.

Finally, keep in mind that classified listings generate a lot of traffic. High traffic has the potential to slow down your website, which can turn off your visitors. Make sure your hosting provider has the capacity to handle it.

How to Monetize Your Classified Website

1. Paid Classified Advert Submissions

People can pay to post their classified listings on your website. You can charge a one-time fee or charge to host an ad for a period of time.

2. Sponsored Content

Classified websites attract a lot of traffic. Businesses that want to gain visibility can pay to be featured through paid review posts or sponsored content posts.

3. Integrate Ad Platforms

Place ad banners on your pages. Be careful these do not distract from the user experience. You can also create spaces on your website where businesses can advertise.

4. Top Featured Ads

Users can pay for their ads to appear at the top and gain more visibility.

5. Extra Features

You can create different premium monthly plans, including one with a limited number of features for free. Users who require more features can pay for them.

6. Subscription Memberships

You can create subscription memberships on your classified ads website.

7. Integrated Payments

Users can buy the services they're looking for directly from the classified website, and you can charge a percentage of the fees.

Start Creating Your Classifieds Now

Topselling Classified Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonTopselling Classified Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonTopselling Classified Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon

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