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Appcelerator SDK: Creating iPhone Transitions

Read Time: 1 min

The iPhone SDK comes with a variety of native iPhone transitions that can be used in your iPhone applications. The Appcelerator API makes it even easier to implement those transitions in your iPhone application. During the course of this tutorial, you will learn how to implement various transitions and also learn a bit about how to use model view controllers. So, let's begin!

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This is a good tutorial for beginners who are new to iPhone development with Titanium and would like to learn how to enhance their applications with the Titanium API. Transitions are various animations used to move from one view controller to another. You might find use of these transitions in applications like Notes and iTunes from Apple. The Titanium API enables you to use these transitions for images, UI controls, and even windows! You might want to check out the KitchenSink application that provides the examples on how to implement these and various other APIs.


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