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A Quick Guide to the WordPress Customizer Interface

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Themes let you customize every aspect of the design and functionality of a WordPress site. But what if you want to let your client customize some aspect of the theme? Perhaps you want to sell a theme on Envato Market and you want to let buyers adjust the color scheme and logo to match their brand. 

That's where the WordPress theme Customizer comes in. By making your theme Customizer-ready, you let site owners instantly change their website look and feel from within the WordPress admin UI.

In this short video tutorial from my recent course on writing Customizer-ready WordPress themes, I’ll demonstrate the Customizer interface. I’ll show you the default controls that come with WordPress, and then go through examples of different controls that you could add (the actual process of adding them is covered later in the course).

Watch the Tutorial

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Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Writing Customizer-Ready WordPress Themes, I’ll teach you how to harness the power of the Customizer in your themes. We'll add all of those extra sections that you just saw previewed in this video, with detailed instructions to help you get everything set up. You'll see how easy it is to let users of your theme customize the color scheme of their site and add elements like logos and text.

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