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15 Best Membership Plugins for Your WordPress Site


The landscape of blogging, marketing, and content creation has radically changed over the past several years. It's caused many content creators to rethink and reimagine how to monetize their content.

One of the more popular means is restricting content to a membership-based model—offering their full content to paid members. There are many approaches to this. Content drips, semester access, and instructional access are just a few ways content creators have found success with membership.

Of course, this is just one of the many ways the membership model is being used. Let's take a closer look at 15 of the best WordPress membership plugins on Envato Market.

1. WP Private Content Pro

Membership plugins are often used to restrict content or used in situations where a content restriction solution makes more sense than more robust membership solutions. 

This is where you'll find something like WP Private Content Pro to be far more helpful.

WP Private Content Pro

Restrict content by:

  • post, page, or custom post type
  • multiple meta values
  • guests or members
  • and more

With back-end private pages for admins, private front-end pages with dynamic content, and private discussions with admins, you'll find a toolbox full of great content restriction tools to build a membership-based website.

WP Private Content Pro is powerful, and built so that you can customize it in a way that fits your needs.

2. Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin is the best selling membership plugin on Envato Market for a reason.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin
"Ultimate Membership Pro is the most known and the best WordPress membership plugin for creating and working with multi-level exclusive access for your users based on simple free or paid packages."

Protect your:

  • URLs
  • pages
  • menus
  • images
  • products
  • redirects
  • and more!

This robust membership plugin integrates with the top payment and checkout systems, membership management tools, email marketing tools, and so much more.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin doesn't hold anything back—it delivers one of the most robust WordPress membership plugins you'll find, boasting a whopping 35 included add-ons.

3. WooCommerce Membership

If you like WooCommerce and content drips, look no further than the WooCommerce Membership plugin for adding members to your WordPress site.

Easily restrict access to posts and pages on your website and start selling memberships with WooCommerce today.

WooCommerce Membership

Features include:

  • create an unlimited number of membership plans
  • manage members with the easy-to-use admin
  • fine control of access restrictions
  • build content drip feeds
  • custom expiration date
  • and more

Manage your memberships with WooCommerce and reap all the benefits of using the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress.

WooCommerce Membership is one of the best ways to transform WooCommerce into your very own membership website.

4. ARMember: WordPress Membership Plugin

Introduce unique user profiles and integrate BuddyPress into your membership WordPress site with the ARMember plugin.

With one-click social member signup and a handy membership setup wizard, you'll be up and running with your membership WordPress site quickly.

ARMember - WordPress Membership Plugin

Some features include:

  • set up custom grace periods for late or failed membership payments
  • upgrade or downgrade membership levels
  • invite-only membership signup
  • major payment gateways
  • email marketing integration
  • create content drip feeds
  • and much more

You can also integrate with BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, Visual Composer, AfiiliateWP, and more

ARMember is about more than just restricting content, it's about adding members to your WordPress site.

5. Youzer: WordPress Community & User Profiles

Of all the membership plugins on this list, Youzer focuses on community and user profiles the most.

It brings an ability for users to customize their profile and community pages that is akin to Facebook.

Youzer - WordPress Community  User Profiles New Era

Features include:

  • social media features for members to interact
  • customizable membership profiles
  • interactive membership "wall"
  • multiple pre-built layouts
  • 20+ profile widgets
  • and much more

If you want to start adding members to your WordPress site with a Facebook, social media type experience, you need to check out the Youzer community and user profile plugin.

6. Ultimate Private Member Portal

The Ultimate Private Member Portal offers a nice mix of private content restriction, along with the ability for interaction between users and the administrator.

Ultimate Private Member Portal
"Administrators can share various kind of private data with users and get instant feedback all in one place."

Features include:

  • private file sharing with admin
  • front-end and back-end private portals
  • and more

Customize the private portal with custom tabs, creating an easy-to-use interface for members.

Members cannot communicate with one another, but members can freely—and privately—interact with the admin. The Ultimate Private Member Portal is the perfect solution for a student and instructor type of siloed interactions. 

7. WPDigiPro WordPress Membership Plugin for Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products online and memberships?

Take a closer look at the WPDigiPro plugin.

WPDigiPro WordPress Membership Plugin for Selling Digital Products

A great plugin for:

  • membership sites
  • web agencies
  • theme shops
  • plugin shops
  • hybrid shops
  • and more

Restrict any WordPress page based on membership, set up recurring payments, add license keys, and take advantage of other useful features for mixing both digital downloads and membership-based services.

The WPDigiPro WordPress Membership Plugin for Selling Digital Products is a great solution for selling digital products along with offering members access to your WordPress site content.

8. WP Membership

A list of membership plugins for your WordPress site would not be complete without WP Membership. When it comes to adding members to your WordPress site, this plugin provides all the right tools in all the right ways.

WP Membership

Some of the more useful features include:

  • members can upgrade, downgrade, and cancel their own subscription
  • PayPal and Stripe gateways with one-time and recurring payments
  • both free and paid trial memberships
  • public and private user profiles
  • MailChimp support
  • and much more

Fully responsive with templates included, and translation ready, this plugin is ready to be customized to fit your needs.

WP Membership is a stellar membership plugin.

9. UserPro: User Profiles with Social Login

Adding members to your WordPress site to build a community is what UserPro lets you do.

UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login
"Create beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress using UserPro."

Features include:

  • integration with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and others
  • custom login and registration forms
  • newsletter integration
  • content restriction
  • verified accounts
  • user badges
  • and more

While most membership community plugins try to be like Facebook, this membership plugin feels far more unique in its approach.

UserPro: User Profiles with Social Login provides everything you need to set up a community website.

10. User Profiles Made Easy

The User Profiles Made Easy plugin does just what it says—it makes user profiles easy!

This is a full-featured front-end profile, login, and registration plugin for your membership-based WordPress site.

User Profiles Made Easy - WordPress Plugin

Features include:

  • fully searchable membership directory
  • beautiful custom profile pages
  • unlimited custom fields
  • 21 free add-ons
  • and more

Of all the membership plugins for adding members to your WordPress site, this provides the best directory experience.

The User Profiles Made Easy WordPress plugin is one of the best ways to build an online membership directory.

11. AR hive Membership Autoresponder

Connect your favorite membership WordPress plugin with your favorite email marketing solution with AR hive Membership Autoresponder plugin.

This is easily my favorite "membership plugin that's not actually a membership plugin".

AR hive Membership Autoresponder Integration WordPress Plugin

Some of the top features include:

  • supports 15 of the most popular email marketing solutions
  • easily integrate with your existing membership plugin
  • easy to set up
  • and more

With the AR hive Membership Autoresponder Integration, easily add your new members to your autoresponders for a series of welcome messages, a strategic content drip, or whatever you like.

12. Frontend User Pro

Frontend User Pro is easy to use, packed full of useful features, and provides you with the tools to build a solid membership WordPress site.

Frontend User Pro
"Frontend User Pro is a complete membership and front-end user management plugin, which comes with tons of features..."

Features include:

  • autoresponder
  • API, hooks, and filters
  • one-time and recurring payments
  • bbPress and BuddyPress support
  • content restrictions and redirect content page
  • drag-and-drop registration form with many features
  • and much more

If you're looking to customize and level up your membership login and registration forms, you need to give Frontend User Pro a closer look.

13. SUMO Memberships: WooCommerce Membership System

SUMO Memberships is a comprehensive WooCommerce membership plugin that allows you to easily sell memberships with WooCommerce.

SUMO Memberships - WooCommerce Membership System
"Sell Memberships from your existing WooCommerce shop and give members access to view pages, view posts, content blocks, buy products, etc."

Features include:

  • members can pause or cancel their own plan
  • full membership management for site admin
  • transferable membership plans
  • and much, much more

The ability to give access to particular products based on membership level is one of the more interesting features I've seen.

The SUMO Memberships: WooCommerce Membership System is an impressive WooCommerce membership plugin.

14. PrivateContent: Multilevel Content Plugin

Control and restrict almost every aspect of your website content with the PrivateContent. Quickly and easily transform your WordPress membership site into a multilevel membership platform.

PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

Some of the great features you'll find:

  • developer API and hooks
  • user management and tracking
  • unlimited forms and unlimited user levels
  • restrict menu items, comments, widgets, posts, pages, and more

You can even lock down your entire website with a single click.

With its native Google Analytics integration, the PrivateContent: Multilevel Content Plugin is a serious contender.

15. WP Ultimo: Easily Create a Premium Network of Sites

Finally, the WP Ultimo plugin is one of the most powerful membership plugins. This is a WordPress membership plugin that gives you the ability to create a network of membership sites built on WordPress Multisite.

WP Ultimo - Easily Create a Premium Network of Sites
"WP Ultimo is the ultimate tool to create a premium network of websites—like WordPress.com—on your WordPress Multisite install."

Features include:

  • easy-to-use signup workflow
  • one-click refunds
  • site templates
  • analytics
  • and more

Create unlimited plans, easily create trials and coupons, and connect it with PayPal and Stripe

Build your own membership website network with WP Ultimo: Easily Create a Premium Network of Sites.


As you look through these membership plugins, there are a few things you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you looking for simple content restriction?
  • Are you also selling digital products?
  • Do you need email marketing or do you plan on using content drips?
  • Do you want to create a community or build a directory?

If you can clearly answer these questions—or at the very least consider them—you'll be well on your way to finding the right membership plugin for adding members to your WordPress site.

If none of these plugins quite meet your needs, be sure to check out some of the many other WordPress membership plugins available on CodeCanyon. And if you're considering coding your own solution, take a look at our WordPress tutorials or courses available here on Envato Tuts+.

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