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15 Best HTML5 and JavaScript Video Players (+5 Best Free Players)

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Are you in need of a high-quality HTML5 video player plugin for your website? Are you having trouble finding a video player that delivers an exceptional user experience?

CodeCanyon offers a wide range of HTML5 and JavaScript video players that can easily be installed on your website. 

Modern Video Gallery PlayerModern Video Gallery PlayerModern Video Gallery Player
Modern Video Player is one of the many high-quality HTML5 and JavaScript plugins available on CodeCanyon.

Much of today's online content is consumed through video and images. This makes it incredibly important for you to offer your website content in video format through a high-quality video player. By purchasing one of the many affordable plugins available on CodeCanyon, you will get a modern-looking web player that works with many video formats and can even display your images in a slideshow. 

The Best HTML5 and JavaScript Video Players on CodeCanyon

Discover the best HTML5 and JavaScript video plugins ever created on CodeCanyon. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase any of these high-quality video players. 

Here are a few of the best HTML5 and JavaScript video players available on CodeCanyon for 2021:

best selling HTML5 and JavaScript video players best selling HTML5 and JavaScript video players best selling HTML5 and JavaScript video players
Don't miss out on some of the best-selling HTML5 and JavaScript video players on CodeCanyon.

These feature-rich HTML5 and JavaScript video players will give your website visitors the best viewing experience possible. With the premium video players offered on CodeCanyon, you can take advantage of:

  • advanced video player controls
  • fully responsive players
  • song and video statistics
  • social sharing

Head on over to CodeCanyon and find the right video player plugin for your website!

Top 15 HTML5 and JavaScript Video Players (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

1. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player is a stellar HTML5 video player that can handle just about anything you throw its way:

  • self-hosted MP4
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Drive

Show your videos with style—across all browsers and devices—with this fully customizable HTML5 video player.

Elite VideoElite VideoElite Video

Features also include:

  • lightbox, responsive, and fullscreen modes
  • YouTube channel and playlist support
  • select player and scrollbar effects
  • resizable height and width
  • and many more options

One of the more unique and appealing features the Elite Video Player brings to the screen is the ability to add pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video and popup ads. A WordPress version is also available.

2. Modern Video Gallery Player

Modern Video Gallery PlayerModern Video Gallery PlayerModern Video Gallery Player

This video player supports a wide variety of embeddable media: from HTML5 video to YouTube playlists, Vimeo videos, and much more. This highly customizable video player has many features that make this a must-have if you need to display videos on your site. 

Here are a few of the plugin's notable features:

  • desktop, mobile, and tablet support 
  • responsive layouts
  • highly customizable with HTML and CSS
  • SVG icons

3. HTML5 Video & Youtube Background

 HTML5 Video HTML5 Video HTML5 Video

Need a clean and simple JavaScript video background player that you can customize for your website? You can play a single video in a loop, loop multiple videos, or have a mixed playlist of videos and images. 

Here are a few features of this plugin:

  • responsive or fixed size layouts
  • basic video player controls
  • optional built-in skip intro feature 
  • optional keyboard navigation

4. Revolution Multimedia Gallery

Revolution GalleryRevolution GalleryRevolution Gallery

Revolution Multimedia Gallery is a responsive gallery that runs on all major browsers and mobile devices. It uses object-oriented code and the latest CSS3 techniques, making this a very well-built JavaScript video player and gallery. 

Here's what you can expect from Revolution Multimedia Gallery:

  • responsive layout
  • responsive, fixed, fluid width, and fullscreen modes
  • includes two skins
  • optional deep linking

5. Ultimate Video Player

This HTML5 video player includes all the basics you'll need for a cutting-edge player—without losing those users that are using outdated browsers.

The Ultimate Video Player can play videos on the latest mobile browser or an old desktop computer using IE8 with its Flash fallback feature.

Ultimate Video playerUltimate Video playerUltimate Video player

It's also:

“Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple playlists, external API, optional deeplinking, flexible skin, embed & share, Facebook share etc...”—Ultimate Video Player

Set up playlists, provide a video download button, and much, much more with the Ultimate Video Player (also comes as a WordPress plugin).

6. Ultimate Video Player With YouTube and Vimeo

Ultimate video playerUltimate video playerUltimate video player

Ultimate Video Player is a powerful responsive video player with the right side or bottom gallery that supports most popular video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and more. This player is compatible with all modern browsers. 

Ultimate Video Player is the perfect player to build a platform with an intuitive user experience and mobile compatibility.

Fantastic and fast assistance. Problems solved in a short time. Absolutely recommended! — step54 

7. Video Player Lite

Video Player Lite is a responsive and mobile-friendly player that supports all kinds of media and playback options. You have the ability to show panoramas, virtual reality, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. It also comes with lots of customization options. 

Video player liteVideo player liteVideo player lite

Notable features include:

  • video aspect ratio control
  • live preview
  • theater mode 
  • password-protected content 
  • and many more

8. Universal Video Player

Universal Video playerUniversal Video playerUniversal Video player

Universal Video Player is another HTML5 video player that's worth your attention.

Not only does it come with many features included in other video players, but it also includes a few extras that set it apart.

Stand-out features include:

  • Google Analytics tracking
  • playlist search
  • categories
  • shuffle mode

Like some other HTML5 video players, it includes YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video support, a customizable color scheme, and an option to download videos.

The Universal Video Player is a nice solution, and can even automatically retrieve video thumbnails, titles, and descriptions from YouTube servers. A WordPress plugin version is available.

9. HTML5 Video Player With Playlist & Multiple Skins

The HTML5 Video Player With Playlist & Multiple Skins (also available as a WordPress plugin) offers side and bottom playlists and six different skins to match your website.

Unlike many other HTML5 video players, this gem also supports .webm video files in addition to the standard .mp4 video format.

HTML5 Video Player with PlaylistHTML5 Video Player with PlaylistHTML5 Video Player with Playlist

You'll also find:

  • optional video descriptions with HTML and CSS support
  • support for both single and multiple instances
  • auto-hide for playback controls
  • click listener
  • and more

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins is a good HTML5 video player for playlists, complete with definable preview images for both videos and playlists.

10. HTML5 Video Player & FullScreen Video Background

The HTML5 Video Player not only makes a great HTML5 video player, but also includes the ability to set full-screen video backgrounds.

Do you need a video player in your web dev toolbelt? This is what you're looking for.

HTML5 Video PlayerHTML5 Video PlayerHTML5 Video Player

This has many helpful features, including:

  • fallback image for mobile devices that don't support full-screen video backgrounds
  • 30+ JavaScript-controllable options: player controls, playback, design, etc.
  • supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos
  • navigation positioning
  • texture over video
  • and more!

HTML5 Video Player is a welcome addition to any web developer's toolbox—it also comes in a WordPress plugin version!

11. HTML5 Blue Video Player

HTML5 Blue Video PlayerHTML5 Blue Video PlayerHTML5 Blue Video Player

This HTML5 video player has a simple and sleek design. You can place the playlist menu anywhere around the video player, giving you the flexibility to choose how it will look on your website. 

Here are a few notable features for this video player:

  • embed and social share buttons
  • logo overlay on videos
  • touch-enabled
  • Flash fallback for older browsers

Download the HTML5 Blue Video Player now!

12. Stellar Video Player

Stellar Video PlayerStellar Video PlayerStellar Video Player

Stellar Video Player is a premium, multi-purpose video player that supports YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, self-hosted MP4 videos, Google Drive videos, and much more!

Here is what you can expect from this video player:

  • fully customizable and responsive
  • lightbox mode
  • sticky mode
  • social sharing

Here is what users are saying about the Stellar Video Player

"Great product! Easy to setup and use!"—Tomcat253

13. HTML5 Video Player With Multiple Skins

HTML5 Video Player with Multiple SkinsHTML5 Video Player with Multiple SkinsHTML5 Video Player with Multiple Skins

Html5 Video Player With Multiple Skins is a lightweight and responsive player that will only take a small amount of space on the server. This player allows you to embed .mp4 video files and .webm for browsers which don’t have MP4 support.

Other features include:

  • mobile compatible
  • multiple skins
  • full-screen mode

14. Revolution Video Player With Bottom Playlist

Revolution playerRevolution playerRevolution player

Revolution Video Player with Bottom Playlist is a powerful and responsive player which you can use to play YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-Hosted video files. You only need the video ID for YouTube and Vimeo. You can also share your video player on Facebook and Twitter.

It is also a highly customizable player that allows users to change appearance as per their own choice.

  • wide range of parameters for customizing the player
  • highly responsive with full-screen function

15. 360 Video Player Premium

360 video player360 video player360 video player

360 Video Player is perfect for responsive web designs, and it also looks good on retina displays. The player allows full-screen view and is compatible with all major browsers, including IE EDGE.

Other notable features include:

  • iPhone / iPad compatible 
  • CSS powered skins 
  • ads support
  • video gallery API

5 Free HTML5 & JavaScript Video Player Plugins for Download in 2021

The premium HTML5 and JavaScript video players available on CodeCanyon will certainly give you the most up-to-date and advanced features available, which will greatly improve the user experience. 

However, you may be on a budget and still need to add a high-quality video player to your website. To help you with your video player needs, I've collected five of the best HTML5 and JavaScript video players you can download for free.

1. Video.js


Video.js supports HTML5 video and modern streaming formats such as YouTube and Vimeo. The player can be styled with CSS to fit your website's theme.

2. Plyr

This JavaScript video player is a simple, accessible, and customizable player for video and audio. The player comes with a minimal and responsive design and can work for all types of websites. 

3. jPlayer

jPlayer is an open-source media library written in JavaScript. The plugin is completely customizable and skinnable using HTML and CSS and is very lightweight.

J playerJ playerJ player

4. MediaElement.js

MediaElement.js is a simple and easy-to-install plugin that can display today's standard video formats. All the basic video player controls come with this JavaScript video player.

5. Kaltura HTML5

This HTML5 video player supports both HTML5 and Flash with the same configuration. The player is fully responsive and can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices. 

Discover More Great HTML5 & JavaScript Video Players for 2021

The HTML5 & JavaScript video players mentioned above are some of the best options that you can implement on your website in 2021.

However, these video players may not have the exact functions or design that you are looking for. If none of the premium HTML5 and JavaScript video players mentioned in this article seem to work for your website, then be sure to check out our other articles, which contain many more high-quality HTML5 and JavaScript video players for you to download:

Add a Premium HTML5 and JavaScript Video Player to Your Website Now!

If you are in need of a video player that has a sleek design and is fully functional, then head on over to CodeCanyon.

The video players available will give you complete control over the design and features offered in your web players on your website. Ultimately, this will lead to a better user experience for your particular audience.

In addition to all the high-quality HTML5 and JavaScript video players on CodeCanyon, you can browse through thousands of other high-quality plugins and scripts for your website. You'll find everything from social media to marketing plugins and scripts in CodeCanyon's massive premium library. 

Find the right HTML5 and JavaScript plugin or script for your website today!

This post has been updated with contributions from Esther Vaati. Esther is a software developer and writer for Envato Tuts+.

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