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  1. Preview

    Titanium User Authentication

    3 Posts
    Welcome to my little session on authenticating users with Titanium. Titanium is an open source cross compiler that allows you to write iPhone and Android (soon to be blackberry too!) applications using Javascript. No Objective-C required! We will be using PHP as the server side language in this tutorial and my database will be MySQL.
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  2. Palm webos logo

    Introduction to webOS SDK Development

    5 Posts
    This session will guide you through the process of getting started with webOS app development. You will learn how to install the webOS development environment and create a simple application. In this session, you'll also create a usable application that allows you to browse and display the latest articles on the Tuts+ network.
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  3. Learn objective c

    Learn Objective-C

    6 Posts
    Welcome to the session on coming to grips with the awesome language that is Objective-C. Throughout this session, my aim is to take you from no prior experience with Objective-C to using it confidently in your own applications. This isnʼt a rush job - so donʼt expect to just skim through the basics and be away - weʼll be going through not just the bare essentials, but also the best practices you can apply to ensure your code is the best it can be. Letʼs jump straight in!
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  4. Sms php preview

    Create an SMS Signup form

    2 Posts
    SMS is a worldwide technology used by almost everyone with a cell phone. Despite having a much greater reach than the smartphone market, SMS programming receives far less coverage and often remains uncapitalized. In this session, I will show you how to create a web site signup form that allows users to enter a mobile number. I will then show you how to use PHP for server-side phone number verification to check that the mobile number the user has entered is actually his mobile phone. Along the way, we will use jQuery to perform client-side validation and CodeIgniter as our development framework.
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  5. Jqtouch wordpress

    Mobile WordPress Theming

    4 Posts
    More and more people visit the web on mobile devices and this means that your website needs to be optimized for a mobile experience. In this session, we'll take a look at how you can leverage WordPress to accomplish this goal.
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