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  1. Androidui

    Android User Interface Design

    21 Posts
    Understanding layouts is important for good Android application design. In this session, you'll learn about the ins and outs of interface design for the Android platform. This session covers layouts, controls, fragments as well as dialogs and paging.
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  2. Howdoifixbug

    How to Fix Bugs in Flash

    10 Posts
    Some people find debugging code relaxing - you have a set goal you want to achieve, and you just hammer away at it until you're done. This can be the case, but often it's just frustrating and boring.
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  3. Best way to learn js

    The Best Way to Learn...

    5 Posts
    Sometimes, when attempting to learn a new skill, you simply want to be told exactly what to do. Where do I start? What's the best book on this subject? Which blogs post the best articles in this field? Well, that's exactly what this Session is for! We provide you with a multi-step, assignment-based syllabus for your training!
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  4. 1rd23 jabber client for ios

    Building a Jabber Client for iOS

    4 Posts
    In this session, we will build a Jabber Client for iOS. The application developed in this session will enable users to sign in, add buddies, and send messages. In the process of building this app, we will describe how to install and configure a jabber server, create accounts, and interact with the server from an iOS application. To simulate a chat environment we will build a scenario with two users: one user will be chatting from an iPhone app and the other will be using iChat.
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  5. Knockout

    Into the Ring with Knockout.js

    3 Posts
    In the red corner, weighing in at just 29Kb (uncompressed), is knockout.js; a pure JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of dynamic user interfaces. Knockout is library agnostic, so it can easily be used with any of the most popular JavaScript libraries already available, but it works particularly well with jQuery, and uses jQuery.tmpl as its default templating engine.
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