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  1. Phonegap

    PhoneGap From Scratch

    5 Posts
    In this session, we will build a mobile application using some of the features in PhoneGap. We will go from installation of the SDK to deployment into the app stores of the two major platforms: iOS and Android. Concepts covered in this series will include accessing the device camera, local storage, and geolocation.
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  2. Caterpillar preview

    Building a Caterpillar Game with Cocos2D

    7 Posts
    In this session, we will be recreating the popular Atari game Centipede using the Cocos2D game engine for iOS. Centipede was originally developed for Atari and released on the Arcade in 1980. Since then, it has been ported to just about every platform imaginable. For our purposes, we will be calling the game Caterpillar.
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  3. Dp451 create mall finder

    Build a Mall Finder App

    2 Posts
    This session will explore how to use the Google Maps API to overlay points of interest (POI) and use the available Location Based Services on your handset to show your position relative to the POI locations available. In this case, we shall be using Shopping Malls as the POI.
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  4. Androidui

    Android User Interface Design

    21 Posts
    Understanding layouts is important for good Android application design. In this session, you'll learn about the ins and outs of interface design for the Android platform. This session covers layouts, controls, fragments as well as dialogs and paging.
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  5. Howdoifixbug

    How to Fix Bugs in Flash

    10 Posts
    Some people find debugging code relaxing - you have a set goal you want to achieve, and you just hammer away at it until you're done. This can be the case, but often it's just frustrating and boring.
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