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Java 8 for Android Development

Java 8, which debuted way back in March 2014, was a big step forward for the programming language, introducing a list of features that promised to make coding in Java easier and more concise than ever before.

Unfortunately, Android developers wouldn’t feel the benefits of these features for a while, as Google experimented with bringing Java 8 to the Android platform via Jack (Java Android Compiler Kit) before deprecating Jack in favour of supporting Java 8 natively in Android Studio.

Now, with the release of Android Studio 3.0, we finally have a version of the Android toolchain that has built-in support for some of Java 8’s most important features.

In this series, I’m going to show you how to remove a ton of boilerplate code from your projects, process huge amounts of data with ease, and even embrace a more functional style in your Java programing with Java 8. We'll be taking an in-depth look at the Java 8 features that you can start using today.

By the time you’ve completed this series, you’ll be ready to use all of the following Java 8 features in your Android projects:

  • lambda expressions
  • method references
  • default methods
  • static interface methods
  • type annotations
  • repeating annotations
  • functional interfaces
  • the Stream API
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