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  1. Python

    Pandas: The Swiss Army Knife for Your Data

    2 Posts
    In this tutorial two part tutorial you'll learn about the fundamental data structures of Pandas - the series and the data frame, how to select data, deal with missing values, manipulate your data, merge your data, group your data, work with time series and even plotting.
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  2. Plotlytutsplus

    Create Interactive Charts Using Plotly.js

    5 Posts
    Plotly.js is a high-level declarative charting library that comes with 20 different chart types. In this series, you will learn about all the features that make Plotly.js stand out from the competition and how to create your own charts with a lot of builtin functionality.
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  3. Ibm watson

    IBM Watson Machine Learning

    4 Posts
    In early 2011, a natural language understanding computer system called IBM Watson was able to beat all human contestants in a quiz-like game show called Jeopardy! It was an historic event and was perhaps the point when the general public started to realize that artificial intelligence was no longer the stuff of science fiction.
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