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Pro Workflow in Laravel and Sublime Text

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Not too long ago, I built a handful of generators for Laravel, which ease the process of various tasks. Today, thanks to help from Gaurav Narula, we're turning things up a notch with the release of a new Sublime Text plugin that leverages the power of Artisan and the generators from directly within your editor.


There's only a few steps to begin taking advantage of both of these tools.

  1. Install the Generator Commands for your Laravel application.
  2. Clone the Sublime Text plugin into your packages directory. (Soon to be available through Package Control).

That's it! You should now be good to go! Search for "Laravel" within the command palette, and you'll find a variety of options.

Laravel GeneratorsLaravel GeneratorsLaravel Generators

Let me show you my basic workflow below:

Questions? Bugs? Feature requests? Let us know below!

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