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Power Up Your Mobile Game With Design, Sound, and Music

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A successful game needs to be beautifully designed and immersive. Most game developers aren't good designers, though. And it doesn't stop with design. Sound and music are just as important to captivate people playing your game.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a designer or team up with one to create a fantastic game. You can find all the resources you need for your game on Envato Market. In this article, I give you an overview of what you can find on Graphic River and Audio Jungle to help you create your next mobile game.

1. Game Kits

Envato Market is an excellent resource for finding original, high quality assets for your next game. Whether you are building an endless runner or a tower defense game, chances are you can find several great game kits on Graphic River. Let me show you a few examples.

Strategy Game Kit

This game kit is packed with graphics, from backgrounds to menus and, of course, tanks, bullets, and bombs. The item even includes several animated GIFs to illustrate what you can accomplish with the included assets.

Tank WarsTank WarsTank Wars

Platform Game Kit

Even though platform games were invented decades ago, they are more popular than ever, especially on mobile devices. This game kit includes a range of backgrounds, characters, obstacles, and menus for your next platform game. This item also includes several animated GIFs to help you on your way.

Platform Game KitPlatform Game KitPlatform Game Kit

Pixel Art Game Kit

If you are a bit older and have a soft spot for pixel art, then you may like the next game kit. This item includes all the assets you need to create a classic platform game like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros.

The item contains a variety of files to create the levels of your game, several characters, backgrounds, obstacles, and artifacts. The author has created several pixel art game kits you can choose from. Check out the collection on Envato Market.

Pixel Art Game KitPixel Art Game KitPixel Art Game Kit

Pong Game Kit

I bet you know about, or even played, the popular game Pong. Over the years, many variations on the theme were released. If you plan to build a similar game, then you may want to take a look at this item. The author used soccer as an inspiration for its variation of this popular seventies game. It includes menus, several playing fields, animations, and more.

Pong GamePong GamePong Game

Jump Game Kit

This game kit is a perfect fit for your next jump game. It features a wide range of assets, including several characters, enemies, menus, collisions, and backgrounds. The artwork is amazing and available in a variety of file formats.

Jump Game KitJump Game KitJump Game Kit

Card Game Kit

There are hundreds of card games and they are very popular on mobile devices, from patience to poker. This item includes everything you need to create a card game. It also includes poker chips, textures, and backgrounds.

Card Game KitCard Game KitCard Game Kit

2. Game Assets

If you are not looking for game kits, then Envato Market can still help you out. Graphic River offers thousands of items for game developers, such as backgrounds, characters, obstacles, patterns, and more. Take a look at the following picks.


Vitaly Vill

Vitaly VillVitaly VillVitaly Vill




2D Knight

2D Knight2D Knight2D Knight




Forest Game GUI

Forest Game GUIForest Game GUIForest Game GUI

Playful GUI

3. Sound Effects

Audio Jungle is a fantastic resource for finding sounds and music for games. It offers thousands of items for game developers. Showing you a list of items isn't going to help you find what you are looking for. Instead, visit Audio Jungle and browse the Game Sounds category. You may want to add a few filters to find what you are looking because there are thousands of items to choose from.

4. Game Music

A good game also needs music. A game quickly becomes boring when all you hear are sound effects or, even worse, nothing. Audio Jungle can help you out with this too. It offers a range of items for several types of games. It is important to look for items that can be easily looped, like this casual gameplay loop by Ghetty.


No matter how good your game is, it isn't complete without a great design, sound, and music. I hope this article has shown you that you don't need to spend a lot of money to find what you are looking for. Visit Graphic River and Audio Jungle to get started.

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