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Last Week of Nominations in the Packt Open Source Awards

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Now in its sixth year, Packt's Open Source Awards aim to encourage, support, and reward the Open Source projects we use to achieve business objectives and build our dreams. This week is your last chance to submit a nomination in the Mobile Tookit and Library category. If there is a particular project you've grown to rely upon or deeply appreciate, speak up now! As if your love for open source code wasn't enough, each person who submits a nomination will be entered in a prize drawing for a Kindle!

Since 2006, Packt has given away over $100,000 USD to some of the best and most promising open source projects around. This year, they have announced a "Mobile Toolkits and Libraries" category that is reserved for open source projects that assist in the development of applications for mobile devices. A few obvious choices for this category include jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, and SenchaTouch, but we're also interested in the smaller, more specific projects (e.g. MGTwitterEngine, Three20, or RestKit) that may have made the difference between shipping a feature on time or perhaps not at all.

Submit a Nomination Here

The top 5 nominations in each category will go on to a final voting stage which begins on September 19th.

Full Disclosure: I am a judge in the 2011 Packt Open Source Awards. However, this position is entirely pro-bono and I receive no compensation (financial or otherwise) for my service.

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