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7 Best jQuery Flipbook Plugins Compared (Free and Paid)

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A jQuery flipbook plugin displays your images, document files, or any other text on your site. Here are some great JavaScript flipbooks that will allow you to create realistic animated flipbooks with ease.

JavaScript flipbooks showcase your content in a digital flipbook form, using page-flipping effects, zoom, and support for multiple content types. CodeCanyon is a marketplace for all kinds of code, including premium JavaScript widgets and jQuery plugins. It's the best place to find jQuery flipbook plugins.

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Best jQuery FlipBook Plugins on CodeCanyon for 2021

Let's look at the best jQuery plugins on CodeCanyon.

1. Best-Selling: WowBook jQuery Flipbook Plugin

WowBook Flipbook jQuery Plugin

The best-selling WowBook jQuery plugin turns your HTML, image, or PDF files into responsive flipbooks. This jQuery flipbook plugin is easy to use, both on the design side and for end users. Let’s look at some of the main features.

Create JavaScript Flipbooks Effortlessly

The WowBook jQuery flipbook plugin comes with three ready-to-use templates, so you can create your flipbook in seconds. Use the design options to further customize the responsive toolbar, table of contents, thumbnails, responsive container, and page numbers with HTML and CSS. Decide how viewers will interact with your flipbook with further options like single page, slideshow, lightbox, and coverless/uncloseable book mode.

The WowBook download comes with full PDF support, so this plugin can handle internal and external links, indexes, and selectable text. And with built-in touch support and configurable keyboard and mouse-wheel navigation, your flipbook will perform across mobile and desktop platforms.

We've created a tutorial to show you how to get started with a WowBook JavaScript flipbook.

User-Friendly Flipbooks

This jQuery book plugin comes with all the features end users have come to expect in a responsive tool, so they will intuitively understand how to interact with your flipbook. Page corners curl on hover to prompt users to interact with your document. Full touch support, with pinch and double-click to zoom functionality, along with built-in resizing for different screen dimensions, make it easy for users to enjoy your flipbook.

In terms of design detailing, this flipbook jQuery plugin allows you to choose between two realistic page-flipping effects, so end users will experience either hardcover book or sheet-turning page effects. In browsers with audio support, this plugin includes a page-turning audio effect as well. Finally, the WowBook jQuery flipbook plugin is fully supported on all major browsers and does not require Flash, so you can be sure that your flipbook displays correctly for your viewers.


WowBook comes with built-in features to resize the book for different screen sizes. It also comes with touch support, where users can pinch or double-click to zoom. The responsive toolbar also adapts to the screen size, and it supports lazy loading.

Awesome Design

If you need slideshows for your content, WowBook has got you covered; you can turn your book into a slideshow and configure the slide interval. It also supports right-to-left page flip.

2. Real3D FlipBook jQuery Plugin

Real3D plugin

Real3D is the best jQuery flipbook plugin for creating interactive pages. The main features of this plugin include:


Real3D will display PDFs and images in fantastic 3D. It also supports text search, selection inside the PDF, and PDF download. You can add any HTML content and create interactive pages from links, videos, music players, and much more.

Completely Customizable

This plugin allows you to customize every aspect of a flipbook to fit your content. From the page speed to the flip sound, camera angle, lights, and zoom levels, you are only limited by your imagination. The UI is also customizable and allows you to create a flipbook that fits perfectly with any interface. Real 3D comes with three predefined skins and four predefined UI layouts. Some of the aspects you can customize include menu items, buttons, borders, and shadows.

Responsive and Mobile-Ready

Real3D creates responsive flipbooks that can fit any page or post perfectly. It also works on any device, so your mobile users are guaranteed the same experience as desktop users.

3. Diamond FlipBook jQuery Plugin

Diamond FlipBook

Versatile and Easy to Use

An all-around winner in both style and ease of use, the Diamond FlipBook jQuery plugin offers the ultimate display flexibility. Attractive and realistic page-turn animations are based on the Turn.js library. 

Diamond FlipBook works on both responsive and unresponsive layouts. With this plugin, you can use the flipbook width that will best suit your site, whether your layout is responsive or not. 

Also, this plugin allows you to upload documents of any page length, so you are not limited when making your flipbook. Display options like toolbars, zoom tools, and deep linking are all customizable, so you have total control over the end result.

High Performance for End Users

With lazy loading and no Flash required, this flipbook jQuery plugin provides the quickest and most reliable display functionality for your website viewers. Right-to-left functionality is available, should you need it to reach your target audience, along with YouTube support. Free updates mean that your flipbook will keep performing beautifully for you, saving you time and effort.

4. Newspaper Flipbook—jQuery


The Newspaper Flipbook jQuery plugin stands out because of its support for tags in description pages. The support extends to all the heading tags from h1 to h6, paragraph, link, ordered and unordered lists, and img elements, including float right and left for images. 

The flipbook, which functions smoothly across all device screens and modern browsers, can read PDF pages without having to convert them into JPEG files. For this it uses a PDf.js library. The pages of the flipbook will load fast thanks to lazy loading.  

Another cool feature worth mentioning is the newspaper flipbook support for RTL-oriented languages that allows it to read pages in Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages. This jQuery flipbook is compatible with the Avada WordPress theme. 

Best Free jQuery Flipbook Tools

The best features are found in the premium flipbooks from CodeCanyon, but if you're on a budget, there are also some great free options. Let's look at some excellent free jQuery flipbook plugins that allow you to display rich interactive content.



Yumpu is a free online service that allows all types of businesses to create flipbooks easily. Yumpu allows users to upload files and share content on their websites. Moreover, the material can be indexed by search engines such as Google.

Free jQuery Flipbook Maker

Flipbook makerFlipbook makerFlipbook maker

The jQuery Flipbook Maker is a free plugin that allows you to create interactive flipbooks. It features a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to upload several media formats, such as PDFs, images, and videos. The result is breathtaking transitions.

This plugin will push your creativity and showcase your brand with unique and stunning flipbooks. Every aspect of the flipbook is customizable, from the text to the colors, audio, video, and animation format.

jQuery Flipbook Maker features different templates and layouts and is fully customizable for creating unique styles. It also lets you share your flipbooks with popular sites like Twitter and Facebook.


BookBlock is an open-source jQuery plugin that allows you to create a booklet for navigating through its items by flipping the pages.

It comes with lots of features to ensure your visitors have a great experience when browsing your content. Its features include:

  • shadow overlays that create a more realistic environment
  • flip content horizontally or vertically
  • right-to-left support for background images

Create Your jQuery Flipbooks Now

As you can see, each of these premium flipbook jQuery plugins comes with unique features, and all five of them offer easy setup for you and high performance for your viewers. 

If you're looking for loads of functionality and a truly intuitive experience for your viewers, WowBook is a solid choice. Diamond’s unlimited document length and YouTube support are indispensable should you need them. Check out these and more plugins on CodeCanyon to see for yourself the difference they can make to your website.

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