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JavaScript from Null: Chapter 5 – Events

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This post is part of a series called Javascript from Null.
JavaScript from Null: Chapter 4
JavaScript from Null: Cross-Browser Event Binding

As we move forward with JavaScript University, today, we'll learn how to add event handlers to elements on the page. Unfortunately, this can be more cumbersome than we'd hope, due to the fact that Internet Explorer must always be the black sheep. Nevertheless, we'll learn how to abstract these inconsistencies away to our custom utility function.

As with every JavaScript from Null screencast, it's not essential that you view the previous entries in the series before watching.

In this Screencast, you'll Learn About:

  • Working with .addEventListener
  • Working with IE's .attachEvent
  • Differences in the way browsers handle events.
  • Capturing phase vs. event bubbling
  • Building a utility function to abstract our cross-browser event handling.

Chapter 5: Events

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