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Getting Started With Android: Creating a Customized Toolbar

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Read Time: 1 min

Creating native Android apps allows you to deliver a first-class mobile experience to your users. In this short video tutorial from my recent Android course, I'll show you how to add a customized toolbar to the top of your Android application.

Note: Be sure that the AppCompat version is set exactly as shown in the video. The sample app may not be compatible with newer versions of the library.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Getting Started With Android, I'll take you through native Android development, from setup to creating a finished app. 

In 20 detailed video lessons, I'll help you create a sample Android app for a zoo. You will create a list of exhibits that opens into a detail page, a gallery and a Google Maps section. You will also implement a navigation drawer and toolbar, while learning the basics of material design. 

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