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4.1 Conclusion

I'm Hapi and I know it. Hopefully my code shows it! Hapi.js is a fantastic framework, and I find that I enjoy using it more than Express. Be sure to check out the documentation and look at the examples to learn more.

My name is Jeremy McPeak, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thank you for watching!

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4.1 Conclusion

[MUSIC] I know it's corny, but it's also kind of fitting. Because unlike most other people, any time that I wrote a Node web application, Express was my go-to framework. And there's nothing wrong with Express because it does its job very well. But I did find that when I used Hapi in my projects that I enjoyed using it more than Express. In my opinion, it's simpler to use and to configure. And I found that I really wasn't missing anything when I used Hapi. I love the idea of plugins. And I especially love that vision has built-in support for important features like layouts, partials, and helpers. And I hope that I conveyed that to you through this course. I hope that you have a firm understanding of Hapi's fundamentals and that you're ready to start using it in your own applications. Naturally, we couldn't cover everything in Hapi's API. And as with every framework, you should spend some time with the documentation. It's very thorough. Thank you so much for watching this course. Please feel free to contact me on Twitter or through the Tuts+ forums if you have any questions. From all of us here at Tuts+, thank you and I will see you next time.

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