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WordPress Essentials


WordPress is without a doubt the most popular Web software among online publishers. But did you know that there are thousands of plugins and techniques available which you can use to extend WordPress well beyond its potential and transform your site into almost anything you can imagine?

If you want to find out how to extend the limitations of WordPress, this Smashing eBook #10: WordPress Essentials for advanced beginners will help you improve your capabilities, so you can take full advantage of its flexibility. This eBook is packed with copy-paste coding snippets and provides practical advice, such as useful techniques for creating your own plugins, adding menus as well as sub menus, and also how to avoid problems with JavaScript and CSS. Find out how to use AJAX and extend the possibilities of WordPress by integrating custom HTML5 tags. With the help of these articles, you'll be sure to achieve a good command of better image management and learn how to build media-heavy sites, how to integrate Facebook and receive the best tips about the latest developments in WordPress.

The advanced tips for WordPress developers provided in this eBook will certainly cater for maximizing the success of your site.


  • Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell
  • Developing WordPress Locally With MAMP
  • The Developer’s Guide To Conflict-Free JavaScript And CSS In WordPress
  • Interacting With The WordPress Database
  • How To Create A WordPress Plugin
  • How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress
  • How To Use AJAX In WordPress
  • Better Image Management With WordPress
  • Using HTML5 To Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme
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