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Useful Tricks and Techniques for WordPress


As one of the leading forms of content management on the Web, WordPress offers users and developers a lot of options, yet its versatility is often underestimated. These authors will help you understand more of what WordPress is capable of. You'll learn simple tricks for customizing the CMS's default functionality, user access and back-end; as well as more involved techniques for manipulating taxonomies, toolbars and redirection paths. Those of you who really want to tackle WordPress functionality will learn how to test those plugins you've painstakingly created.

Table of Contents

  • Easily Customize WordPress’ Default Functionality
  • How To Customize The WordPress Admin Easily
  • How To Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress
  • Inside The WordPress Toolbar
  • Limiting The Visibility Of Posts In WordPress Via Usernames
  • Random Redirection In WordPress
  • Writing Unit Tests For WordPress Plugins
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