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Understanding Advanced JavaScript


This book is an exploration of popular advanced JavaScript concepts for those who already have a grasp on the basics. "Understanding Advanced JavaScript" is a comprehensive manual and how-to guide about all things JavaScript. Learn to design better APIs, use the latest tools and navigate the JavaScript MVC Jungle effortlessly. In this eBook, you will receive expert tips and techniques on avoiding coding tripwires and improving your programming methodologies. Need to know how your JavaScript performs? Find out about unit testing and user- and network-related analyses. Master JavaScript with industry leaders who explain how to make fine-tuning, streamlining and testing your JavaScript code easy.

Table of Contents

  • Analysing Network Characteristics Using JavaScript And The DOM, Part 1
  • Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing
  • Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle
  • JavaScript Events And Responding To The User
  • JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
  • Writing Fast, Memory Efficient JavaScript
  • Designing Better JavaScript APIs
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