The Node Beginner Book


The aim of The Node Beginner Book is to get you started with developing applications for Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about advanced JavaScript along the way in 69 pages.

Praise for The Node Beginner Book

"This is one of the best tutorials I've read. As a former Java coder, I've always found JavaScript to be a black art, but you have really simplified things with this tutorial."

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for writing such an excellent introduction to node. Your book's explanation is fantastic!"

"This is one of the few beginner articles I made it all the way through because of how well it's written."

Table of Contents

  • About
  • Status
  • Intended audience
  • Structure of this document
  • JavaScript and Node.js
  • JavaScript and You
  • A word of warning
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • "Hello World"
  • A full blown web application with Node.js
  • The use cases
  • The application stack
  • Building the application stack
  • A basic HTTP server
  • Analyzing our HTTP server
  • Passing functions around
  • How function passing makes our HTTP server work
  • Event-driven asynchronous callbacks
  • How our server handles requests
  • Finding a place for our server module
  • What's needed to "route" requests?
  • Execution in the kingdom of verbs
  • Routing to real request handlers
  • Making the request handlers respond
  • Serving something useful
  • Handling POST requests
  • Handling file uploads
  • Conclusion and outlook
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