Practical JavaScript Techniques


Present across millions of websites and growing in popularity, JavaScript is an essential and practical for all programmers, designers and coding aficionados. "Practical JavaScript Techniques" offers expert instruction, tips and methodologies relevant for all levels of knowledge. Learn interactive CSS and jQuery techniques, how to take advantage of JavaScript’s versatile capabilities and even how to build JavaScript-based gaming experiences. Whether you’re perfecting Web design or building jQuery plugins, this vital resource is a must-have.

Table of Contents

  • Develop A One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JSBased Game Portfolio
  • Five Useful Interactive CSS/jQuery Techniques Deconstructed
  • Create An Animated Bar Graph With HTML, CSS And jQuery
  • A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery Based JSON API Clients
  • How To Build A Real Time Commenting System
  • The Developer’s Guide To Conflict Free JavaScript And CSS In WordPress
  • Optimizing Long Lists Of Yes/No Values With JavaScript
  • Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript
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