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Mastering WordPress


WordPress offers a world of possibilities if you are curious enough to explore them. The most popular blog-publishing platform is not limited by its default configurations. You can improve your website with the innumerable plugins, hooks and custom fields — new versions are being created almost every day by the global developer community!

This Smashing eBook Mastering WordPress is exactly about the above mentioned. We've selected only the best articles on how to use extensions for WordPress with an amazing collection of copy-paste coding snippets. They explain advanced methods and techniques which go beyond front-end experience and show how to customize back-end experience. After reading this eBook, you will be able to transform your website into whatever you want – you just have to use your imagination. Make sure you add this source of knowledge to your library!


  • The Definitive Guide To WordPress Hooks
  • Custom Fields Hacks For WordPress
  • Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers
  • Advanced Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers
  • Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers: Reloaded
  • Lessons Learned From Maintaining a WordPress Plugin
  • Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know
  • Create Perfect Emails For Your WordPress Website
  • Writing WordPress Guides for the Advanced Beginner
  • Advanced Layout Templates In WordPress’ Content Editor
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