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Mastering jQuery - Smashing


jQuery is well-known for being a concise JavaScript library that helps simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, creating animations and Ajax interactions for rapid Web development. Choosing the right plugins, creating bookmarklets, setting patterns or manipulating images can be challenging even for experienced programmers. In order to help you avoid struggling with such decision issues, we've selected articles with the most exclusive, top-notch advice on jQuery in our latest release: the Smashing eBook "Mastering jQuery" (eBook #14). This eBook contains just the orientation you need to optimize your forthcoming jQuery projects!


  • Commonly Confused Bits Of jQuery
  • Image Manipulation With jQuery And PHP GD
  • Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery
  • jQuery Plugin Checklist: Should You Use That jQuery Plug-In?
  • Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns
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January 31, 2013