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Everyday Information Architecture


The design of information on the web changes the way people find, understand, and use that information—for better or for worse. Lisa Maria Martin shows you how to leverage the principles and practices of information architecture in order to craft more thoughtful and effective digital spaces. Learn how to analyze your site’s content and structure, build clear and consistent taxonomies, and develop more strategic sitemaps. Because when we’re intentional about how we organize web content, we create better experiences for everyone.


  • Systems of Organization
  • Content Analysis
  • Categories and Labels
  • Site Structure
  • Navigation and Wayfinding
  • Tags and Taxonomies

What People Are Saying

I am in awe. This book breaks down thorny, technical issues masterfully and makes them accessible to anyone. Even the most experienced practitioners will find something they hadn't considered. Plus, it’s a laugh riot. 14/10.
Erika Hall, Author of Just Enough Research and Conversational Design
If you want to make your website more usable and your content easier to find, then this book is for you. Lisa Maria Martin shows you how to structure and organize information with simplicity, clarity, and warmth—so you’ll feel prepared, not perplexed. Loaded with helpful frameworks, practical tips, and plenty of humor, this is a book you’ll reach for again and again.
Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Author of Design for Real Life
At last, a book that doesn’t dwell in defining the damn thing for the sake of conceptual purity, and in doing so, elevates information architecture practice. Lisa Maria Martin shows us that even the most minute decisions can have consequences; only by owning them can we build a better web.
Lívia Labate, Product Manager at Vox Media

About the Author

Lisa Maria Martin is an independent consultant based in Boston. She practices content-driven information architecture, helping organizations to understand, organize, and structure their web content for empowering user experiences. She is the managing editor of A Book Apart, as well as a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and poet.

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April 16, 2019