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Digging Into WordPress

Written by WordPress veterans Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, Digging into WordPress is 400+ jam-packed pages of everything you need to get the most out of WordPress. WordPress is great right out of the box, but unless you want an ordinary vanilla blog, it is essential to understand the full potential of WordPress and have the right tools to get the job done.

In clear, easy-to-read language, Digging into WordPress shows you how to tap WordPress’ potential and take your site to the next level. From setup and configuration and customization to syndication, security and optimization, Digging into WordPress gives you everything you need to maximize the success of your site.

Written with the perfect balance of theory, explanation and code, each chapter focuses on teaching you how to improve your site using many different techniques, tips, and tricks. Each technique is fully self-contained, providing complete instructions and clear explanations to make implementation a breeze.

Along the way, as you learn about how to maximize, optimize and streamline your site, you’ll also get scores of bonus information in the form of "pop-out" boxes and side notes. These popouts and asides provide you with further context, insider information, and many more awesome techniques to improve your WordPress-powered site.

Update - Version 3.8

Digging Into WordPress update! The book is now current with the latest version of WordPress, 3.8 “Parker”. The Parker update is focused primarily on improving the appearance of the Admin Area, along with the usual blend of bug fixes and enhancements.

What You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll get with Digging into WordPress:

  • Solid, in-depth understanding of site configuration, theme customization, performance optimization, SEO, WordPress security, and much more
  • Clear, easy-to-read language that shows you how to do it yourself and do it right the first time
  • The perfect balance of theory, explanation, techniques, and the code to make it happen
  • Tons of supplemental and bonus information containing hints, secrets, and tips and tricks
  • A beautifully designed book presented in landscape format for easy reading
  • Plenty of vivid graphics to help explain abstract concepts
  • Many actual code snippets ready for easy step-by-step, copy-&-paste usage
  • A vast collection of useful sites and resources hand-picked from around the Web
  • A linked Table of Contents for easy access, and hyperlinked URLs throughout the book

And much more!

Digging into WordPress is perfect for WordPress users in the beginner to intermediate range, but contains plenty of great information for the advanced user as well. If you have any level of experience working with web design or WordPress, this book is written to help you take WordPress to the next level.

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to get the most out of Digging into WordPress:

  • A desire to get the most out of WordPress and run the best possible site
  • Basic knowledge of how to setup and work with dynamic websites
  • Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. Some familiarity with PHP is helpful, but not required

Awesome Techniques

Here are some of the awesome techniques that you will learn from Digging into WordPress:

  • Setup multiple loops the right way
  • Setup page-specific menu styles
  • Create the perfect sidebar (and multiple sidebars)
  • Import and display Twitter, Delicious, and more
  • Create, customize, and use child themes
  • Implement multiple themes for your visitors
  • Widgetize your sidebar and virtually anything else
  • Learn the inside tips for choosing the best plugins
  • Create your own custom theme functions
  • Maximize WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Configure and optimize your WordPress feeds
  • Setup and distribute your feeds with Feedburner
  • Add feed images, style your feeds, and add custom content
  • Customize and optimize the WordPress Comments Area
  • Learn about custom comment loops, threaded comments, and more
  • Learn the best ways to defend against spam
  • Optimize your site for the search engines
  • Control duplicate content and optimize your permalinks
  • How to track your site’s statistics to measure success
  • Secure WordPress, your files, database, and content
  • How to monitor and fix errors
  • Optimize the performance of your site
  • ..and much, much more!

Plus hundreds more tips, tricks and techniques sprinkled throughout the book. As you learn the hows, whens, and whys of maximizing WordPress, you get many super-cool techniques and tons of great inside information along the way.

Features of Digging into WordPress

Living, Breathing PDF Format…

The PDF version of the book is awesome because we will be able to update and expand it indefinitely. As WordPress changes, the book will evolve with new information, techniques, and code. This is why we call the DiW PDF a “living, breathing document” – it will grow with WordPress, and will be updated and improved periodically well into the future.

PDF’s are an awesome format for today’s day an age, especially for a tech book like this. PDF’s offer you the ability to copy and paste code or anything else from the book. There are actual live hyperlinks you can click for more information on topics in the book. And perhaps best of all, you can search a PDF, for when you are looking for that specific bit of information you need.

…a Printed Version for your Desk

In addition to the PDF version, there is a print version for sale. Sometimes there is no better way to read a book than to literally have it in your lap. Our print version is great for your desk too, because of the spiral bind, the book can actually lay flat next to your keyboard. You don’t miss out on a thing buying the print version, because it automatically comes with the PDF and it’s bundled themes as well.

Rave reviews

Here is what others are saying about Digging into WordPress:

“Thank you for teaching me how to fish.” – Eddie

“I spent ALL night reading… worth every single penny paid.” – Carlos

“Thanks for making learning easy and fun, guys!” – Jillian

“The book is great as well and definitely worth every cent of its price.” – Mark

“IT IS A MUST HAVE for anybody using WP.” – Jean

About the Authors

Digging into WordPress is written by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, who eat their own dog food when it comes to talking WordPress. Between them, nearly 100 WordPress sites manufactured. They work with and write about WordPress just about every day, sharing WordPress tips and tricks at the book’s companion site, digwp.com. Beyond working with WordPress, both Chris and Jeff are professional web developers and designers, applying many years of cumulative experience into every aspect of web and graphic design.

Chris Coyier is a real world web designer who has been reaching for WordPress to power client sites for many years. He subscribes to the theory that not only is WordPress capable of powering any website it is almost always the right choice.

Jeff Starr has been designing and developing WordPress-powered sites since 2005. He develops WordPress plugins, creates WordPress themes, and writes lots of articles about WordPress, Web Design, Social Media, and everything else. He prefers to view WordPress as a fluid medium of digital expression rather than a mere collection of files and functions.

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