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Designing Mobile Apps -Tips And Techniques


Designing Mobile Apps - Tips and Techniques will provide you with some useful tips and tricks, regardless of whether you're taking your first steps in app design or looking to adopt some best practices from industry pros. To help you broadly position your future app, our authors cover the three biggest platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Some step-by-step coding tutorials will take you by the hand, as will exciting new techniques that go beyond the usual. In addition, the eBook features handy cross-platform topics such as prototyping, as well as a field guide to app testing, and advice on marketing your app.

Table of Contents

  • A Guide To iOS App Development For Web Designers
  • Get Started Writing iOS Apps With RubyMotion
  • Mobile Prototyping With Axure RP
  • Creating Realistic iPhone Games With Cocos2D
  • Mobile Design Practices For Android: Tips And Techniques
  • CSwipe: An Ergonomic Solution To Navigation Fragmentation On Android
  • Windows Phone Design For Developers
  • A Field Guide To Mobile App Testing
  • How To Succeed With Your Mobile App
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