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Diving into PHP

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As some of you might know, I've been running a weekly video series on the ThemeForest Blog that teaches new developers exactly how to work with PHP. Once or twice a week, I release a new "episode" that builds upon the previous days. To expand our viewership, I've decided to release "Day 13" here. Be sure to subscribe to In the Woods to stay up to date on each new release.

Why do it this way? Because people don't always have the time to watch sixty minute videos. By posting short ten minute episodes, beginners can easily digest each lesson, rather than become overwhelmed with more information than their minds are able to consume. If you're new to PHP, and are not familiar with this series, I hope you'll subscribe and become a new viewer.

Day 13: Uploading Files

Don't worry; it's not required that you view the previous days first. Each new episode is a self contained tutorial. However, the concepts build upon what you've already learned!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to upload files, and how to use regular expressions to ensure that inappropriate file types aren't uploaded to your server.

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Diving into PHPDiving into PHPDiving into PHP
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