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3.1 Conclusion

Thanks for following along as I showed you these tips and tricks for securing your WordPress site. If you follow these best practices, you'll have a good chance of protecting your site from hackers.

3.1 Conclusion

We talked about a lot of different things that you can do to harden your WordPress site against getting hacked. None of these methods are full prove but adopting a few of them should keep you secure in the long run. The same thing goes to the plugins, none of them are 100% secure but implementing their features should prevent any brute force attacks from compromising your site. If you have the opportunity to test any of these plug ins in a non-production environment, by all means do so. Get to know what they can do before you trust them in production. I hope the things we talked about and the plug ins we looked at help you secure your site. I have looked at logs and know how often hackers scan for vulnerabilities to exploit. Using these security tips could prevent you from being the next site to get hacked. Thanks for watching WordPress Security Tips. This has been Reggie Dawson for Tuts+.

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