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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll show you how to add navigation menus to your WordPress theme. I'll also show you how to customize your theme with locations for multiple menus.

1.WordPress Coding Basics: Navigation Menus
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WordPress Coding Basics: Navigation Menus

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] Hello and welcome to this TutsPlus Coffee Break Course on adding navigation menus to your WordPress theme. My name's Rachel McCollin, and in this course, I'm gonna show you code you need to add to your theme in order to add a navigation menu. We'll register menus in our functions file. And then, we'll actually add a header menu in our header file. We'll use this dummy theme, which will look like this at the beginning, and then, when we finished, you'll see that there'll be a navigation menu added to it. Watch this course to learn how to do it.

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