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1.2 WordPress Basics: Managing Users

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about user management in WordPress. I’ll show you all the admin screens and settings that are related to users, and I’ll explain how roles can be used to safely allow others to create and edit site content. The user system is a powerful feature of WordPress, and using it effectively can make your site more functional and secure. Learn how to add users, edit their details and remove them from your site, as well as updating passwords and more.

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1.WordPress Basics: Managing Users
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WordPress Basics: Managing Users

1.2 WordPress Basics: Managing Users

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome to this just closed coffee break course on managing users on WordPress. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to manage the users in your site. I'll show you how to add new users, how to edit those users, how to change user roles, and how to remove users. So here you can see my user screen, and it shows me all the users that are registered with my sight. Now the first user is me, I'm the administrator. So you can see my role over here is administrator. And the second user is a test user that I've setup. Again, myself using a different email address. And in this case, I'm just a subscriber. Now WordPress gives you a number of user roles, and you can see them listed here. So subscribers are people who subscribe to your site, who can leave comments if you only let subscribers leave comments, and who will receive updates when you add new content. A Contributor is somebody who can create content, but can't publish it. An Author is somebody who can both create and publish content. An Editor is somebody who can create and publish content, and can also edit other people's content too. And then finally, an Administrator is somebody who can do everything on the site, from creating content right through the managing themes and plugins. And every site, we'll have at least one administrator. It can have more than one if you want. So I'm gonna start by sharing you how to add a new user, and that's very simple. You click on Add New up here. Or alternatively over on the menu, you can link the Add New link. So let's click on Add New. And this user is going to be an editor. So they wont have access to all the settings of the site, but they will have full access to content. So I'm gonna give my username of myeditor. I'll need to put an email address in, without which WordPress can't create the user. And then the next few fields are optional, but they're helpful to use. Now because this editor hasn't got a name, I'm just gonna call them Site Editor. Normally, you would have a named individual, and you'd put their first name and last name here. If that person has got their own website, you can add that here. I wont because my editor's website will be this one that I'm already on. And then the password will be automatically generated. If you want, you can see it here so you can copy it and send it to that person. Although WordPress will send them a link with all the details. So here, you can see the send user notification is switched on. And I'm gonna leave that as is. So now finally, I'll select the user role for that user, which is editor. And I click the Add New User button. So that's created a new user called myeditor. And again, it's got a picture of me, because I used another one of my email addresses, that set up in [INAUDIBLE]. So that person will now get an email with their details for the site. It'll have a link for them to log in. It'll have their username and password, and a welcome greeting. So what if I then wanted to edit that user? And I wanted to upgrade them to a site administrator? Well, that's really easy to do. I'll simply go to the user's profile in the list, and I'll click on their username, or I click on the Edit link. Or for this brand new user, I've got the Edit User link that I can use here. So here, there are some options for this user. And what the Admin screens will look like when they're using WordPress. I'll leave this for them to edit themselves, because they can do that via the Your Profile screen, which is over here. First, I'm gonna go down here, and take a look at some of the options I've got. So here, you can display their name publicly, as well as a number of options. So say, for example, my own username, Rachel McCollin, it could display as Rachel, here I'm going to keep it as Site Editor. I can also add some biographical information about this user. So on there, author page, I could then display this above all their post. And the other thing that's useful here is that I can generate a new password for the user if I need to. So if the user loses their password and isn't quite sure how to use the lost password link in the login screen, I could generate a new password for them. So I'll click on update user to change my user details, and that's changed their personal details. But remember, I also wanted to change this fields as well. So here, I can select a new role, and I'll select administrator. Now, if you want to transfer administration of the site from one person to another, you need to login as an administrator yourself, assuming you're the site admin. Set them up as another site admin, then login with their admin account and then delete yours. And sometimes I've done that if I'm transferring ownership of the site to somebody else, and I don't need ownership of it at all anymore. But you can only delete an account from another admin account. So if you ever wanted to delete an admin account, you'd have to sign in as another administrator. So I'll go down here again, and click Update User. Now, I'm gonna show you how to delete a user. And that's incredibly simple as well. So here, we've got the users in the main Users screen. And I simply click the Delete link underneath my new user. WordPress will check that you really want to do this. Click Confirm Deletion and that's done. So now in my main user screen, I've only got the two users that I started with. So that's how you manage your users in WordPress. I've shown you how to create a new user, how to edit that user's details and change their role, and also how to delete a user. I hope you found this course useful. Thanks for watching.

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