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Why Use Linux for Ruby Development?


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The Ruby ecosystem grew up on Unix and Linux operating systems like Mac OS X or Ubuntu. For this reason, Ruby native packages and build tools are often Linux-first and may perform poorly or break when run under Windows.

In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor José Mota will explain some of the advantages of using the Linux operating system over Windows for Ruby development. You'll learn how the Ruby tooling and ecosystem is optimized for the Linux environment, and you'll get some pointers for transitioning into a Linux environment.

1.Why Use Linux for Ruby Development?
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Why Develop Ruby in Linux?

1. Why Use Linux for Ruby Development?

1.1 Introduction

Developing applications in Ruby can be accomplished with any platform, however there's a solid advantage on using Nix derived systems instead of using Windows. Hi, I'm Jezemata. I'm gonna be your tutor for this coffee-break-course on distinguishing the advantages of using Unix systems, over Microsoft Windows to develop applications for the web. There are some unique differences between one of the others, so jump right into the next video in order to learn how you can use a Linux distribution yourself to develop Ruby applications. Jump right in.