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Get Started With Angular 2
Whether you're an experienced Angular dev wanting to make the jump to this latest version, or a new developer who wants to learn to create websites with the latest technology, our Get Started With Angular 2 course is a great starting point for learning Angular 2.

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What’s New in Angular 2



Angular 2 is the new version of the extremely popular AngularJS framework. AngularJS turned the front-end development world upside down when it was released, bringing together a number of new or recent web application development practices into a powerful and easy-to-use framework. With version 2, the Angular team has started from scratch with a completely new system. Many of the ideas behind Angular are still the same, but the API and developer experience are very different.

Angular 2 is still in development, but it's stable enough for us to start learning about how to build apps with it. In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Reggie Dawson will help you get up to speed with Angular 2 before it's released.

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