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3.1 Wrapping Up

Well done, you’ve completed Web App to Mac App with NW.js! Let’s have a quick recap of what you’ve achieved, and talk a little bit about what you can do next to further your NW.js development skills.

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3.1 Wrapping Up

Hey, thanks very much for taking the Web App to Mac App using NWJS course. I hope you learned a ton, and now you feel like you have a really solid foundation for app creation on Mac using the web skills that you already have. We started out by learning how to package your app up inside NWJS and how to setup a basic package.json so that your web app will run as a Mac app. Then we learned how to edit that manifest to control things like the height and width of the app's appearance and to remove the toolbar. After that, we added a custom icon and a custom name to the app. And then finally, we add in app menus to make sure that keyboard shortcuts and copying and pasting worked. Now, if you haven't already, definitely check out the two courses that will take you through how to actually create the task manager app that we have been bundling up in this course. If you're interested in the development side of things, then take a look at our course, Create a Foundation for Apps Controller using AngularJS. And that steps you through everything that's involved in creating the controller that powers this app. And if you're interested in the design side of things, check out Up and Running with Foundation for Apps. In that course, we take that controller, and we go through the entire process of creating a UI for the app using the foundation for apps framework. So when you've done all three courses, you'll have created this entire app from beginning to end. On top of that, I definitely recommend taking some time to read through the NWJS wiki. It's very well populated, and there is a ton of information to give you all kinds of ideas about what you can create using NWJS. And for more ideas, check out the NWJS list of apps. There's all kinds of apps that have already been built on the system that can give you an idea of the scope that's provided with NWJS and give you a lot of ideas as to what kind of different things you can do. And then the next thing that I recommend doing is just having a browse through npm and seeing what different type of packages are available. Because one of the greatest strengths of NWJS is that it runs on Node.js. So that means that you can install any npm package, and you can deploy it directly in your app. So even just by browsing through the npm, you can get a ton of ideas on ways that you can take the packages that are on npm and bundle them together in a way that you can make apps that are useful for people. Thanks once again for taking the course, I hope you had a really great time, and I'll see you in the next one.

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