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1.1 Introduction

In this course, you'll learn how to use promises to control the asynchronous flow of your code. To practice, you'll build two small examples to try out different ways of using promises.

1.Using JavaScript Promises
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Using JavaScript Promises

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] >> Hello. I am Reggie Dawson. In this course I will show you how to use JavaScript Promises. You may have heard of JavaScript Promises but don't know exactly what they are. if you have used any major framework, you have probably seen Promise based methods in action. In this course, I will try to demystify promises so you can make some sense of them. After that maybe you can make use of them in your code. We will learn how to create promises, and then how to resolve or reject them, then we will see how changing promises alters our promises or return. I am sure that after viewing this course you will find a way to use promises in your projects.

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