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1.2 What Is Firebase?

In this lesson you will learn what Firebase is and what it can do. After that I will discuss the apps that we are going to build in this course.

1.2 What Is Firebase?

Hello everyone. This is Reggie Dawson. Welcome to the use firebases you're back in course for Tuts+. If you have been involved with web development there had to have come a time when you needed to back in for an app you were building. This would normally involve spinning up a server of some sort. Fortunately in the cloud based world that we live in today there are alternatives such as firebase Firebase is a no SQL backend for your apps. This allows us to set up a backend database without setting up anything. Firebase handles all of that for you. Firebase offers a free tier and also includes many features that allow us to build powerful apps. Need authentication, Firebase has it. Worried about security or hosting? We can also do that with Firebase. In this course, we will learn about Firebase while building two different apps. The first app will be built in plain JavaScript. Honestly, when using Firebase, I can't see the need to develop in plain JavaScript, especially for a large app. One of the reasons I chose to use JavaScript is to also show its limitations. Although the app will be functional, it will require a lot more code than we would need if we were using a framework.This first app is going to be a small product catalog. The products will be stored in Firebase and we will even hack together a way to save images to Firebase. This catalog will also use Firebase authentication to control who has access to add an edit products. The second at what we built the foundation for apps framework this framework is a good choice as it is essentially angular light with foundation UI components bolted on since it is angular we can use the Angular Fire Library for Firebase. This at will illustrate how much simpler it is to build an app with the framework. After this course you should be able to build your own apps and use Firebase as the backend. In the next video, we will get started with our first app.

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