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3.6 Deploy the App

Hello, everyone. This is Reggie Dawson. Welcome to the use Firebases you're back in course for Tuts+. In this video, we will deploy our completed at the Firebase hosting. When we use hosting with the previous app, we had to copy our project into a folder to deploy it with the foundation project. We have the advantage of the project already being in the build folder, so deployment will be even easier. If you haven't done so already, run foundation build in your project folder from your command line. If this does not work, we can also use MPM start build. Then at the command line, we will use MPM to install the Firebase tools. We will need node JS to do this. After that, we have to type Firebase login. Since I'm already logged into Firebase, it didn't give me the link to authenticate. But if you do get the link, make sure you click on it to login. After that, all we have to do is initialize Firebase. Then choose your correct firebase. And then we will use build for the public group. Once that finishes writing our firebase.json file, we can deploy our app. Then we can visit the link provided or run Firebase open to look at our site live on Firebase. That's everything you need to build an app in Firebase, whether in plain JavaScript or with the framework. You should now be capable of coming up with your own amazing apps that make use of Firebase.

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