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Free Preview: Use Crosswalk With Ionic


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Ionic is a cross-platform mobile framework that allows you to develop for Android and iOS using just HTML and JavaScript. Since Ionic apps run in an HTML WebView, we are limited to using the native features that are offered in the built-in browser that Ionic uses. Fortunately, we can use Crosswalk as an alternate WebView that supports features such as WebRTC and WebGL.

In this Coffee Break Course, designed to teach a new skill or concept in a single sitting, Envato Tuts+ instructor Reggie Dawson will show you how to build a small WebRTC app for Ionic. The features of this app are not supported by the default WebView, but Crosswalk will give this app WebRTC support.

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1. Use Crosswalk With Ionic

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Ionic is a hybrid app framework that allows developers to build apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These apps use a HTML based web view to host these apps. For the most part, this Chrome based web view is able to run most of the features common on browsers, but sometimes it falls short. For example if you want to use Web GL Web RTC or web audio in your ionic project, you may experience problems as these technologies are not fully supported. Fortunately we can use cross walk to support these features. Crosstalk as an alternative web view that we can use that offers advanced features. Now API's that would fail in the default web view will work perfectly in our apps. In this coffee break course we will build a small web RTC Android app that grabs a stream from the camera and microphone. First we will demonstrate how they work without crosswalk on our browser, and then we will see what happens once we run it on our mobile device. After that, we will install Crosswalk so the app works properly. After viewing this course, you should understand what Crosswalk can offer you, as well as how to use it in your projects.