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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Up and Running With Swift 2. In this course we’ll be covering the basic concepts and building blocks of the latest version of Apple’s flagship programming language: Swift. I’ll show you everything you need to start coding in Swift, focusing on the features that help make Swift such a popular and interesting new language.

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1.1 Introduction

Hello my name is Derek Jensen and I wanna welcome you to Up and Running With Swift 2 brought to you by your friends here at Tuts+. Now even though Swift is a very young language it has really been picking up steam in the developer community because of its flexibility and its adoption of modern programming language features. Not to mention Apple is really investing heavily in its development as their flagship programming language of the future. Now recently, at their worldwide developer conference, Apple announced a ton of new features being added to the language. Now some of these features include a brand new error handling model, enhancements to pattern matching, protocol extensions, availability checking and a whole slew of others. Now I could simply throw together a course just highlighting these features, but I would be doing a disservice. So we're going to move back to the beginning and re-acquaint ourselves with this blossoming language and introduce these new features in context to really help drive home their usefulness in your mind so that you have a better chance of not only remembering them, but also putting them to good use. So let's not waste any time. Let's get started.

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