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7.1 Goodbye

Well, that about wraps up our course for Swift 2.0. So I hope you have taken this opportunity like I have to kind of reinvigorate your look into the world of Swift. There's been a lot of enhancements to the Swift programming language since its first release in 1.0 and into 1.2 and then ultimately, into 2.0. We've been seeing a lot of improvements. And Apple has really been making a concerted effort to make it better and a more enjoyable experience for all of us, whether it is your first programming language or your tenth. Now, before I leave you, I'm gonna leave you with a couple places to check out some additional documentation and courses to learn more about the Swift programming language. So you can head over to Tuts+ and search for Swift. And you'll see a number of different code tutorials, as well as courses that have to do with the Swift programming language, as well as keeping a very close eye on the documentation within the site. And if you take a look at the Swift programming language, you'll see that the documentation here has actually been updated for Swift 2. So definitely keep an eye out on these sources. Because there's going to be continual changes and updates and improvements to the language for probably quite some time. So once again, thank you very much for joining me. I'll see you next time.

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