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Course Material Requirements

The current version of Backbone has some breaking changes from version 0.9.2 used in the course. The source files include all dependencies, but be aware that there may be some changes required if you want to upgrade to the newest version of Backbone.

This course uses ASP.NET MVC 3.0. That version of ASP.NET is not supported in the most recent versions of Visual Studio. However, Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web, available from the Microsoft Download Center, is capable of compiling and running the project code.

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Understanding Backbone in .NET

Why MVC?


If JavaScript spaghetti code is something that you’re all too familiar with, it’s time to change things. The solution is Backbone.js, which provides the perfect structure for building modern web applications. In this course, as we work through the process of building a photo app, we’ll learn how to use this framework within a .NET application.