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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll teach you the fundamentals of TypeScript. You'll learn by looking at practical examples, starting with simple typed variable declarations and continuing to decorators and other advanced topics.

1.1 Introduction

JavaScript is a great and widespread language that is very flexible. Each browser implements its own version of JavaScript based on the specification that changes every year. But if you want to support a wider range of browsers, you are limited to a rather old version. With TypeScript you can use modern paradigms and static typing to improve your code readability and catch errors during compilation. Vanilla JavaScript already has all the functionality of a modern language, so that the TypeScript compiler can translate classes, arrow functions, and so on into something that is compatible with an older browser. Hello and welcome to this Envato Tuts+ course. My name is Markus Muhlberger, and you are watching TypeScript Fundamentals. In this course, you will learn about the TypeScript language and its feature set. You will learn about types, classes, interfaces, modules, and more. Throughout the course, I will compare TypeScript features to their equivalence in modern versions of JavaScript, if there are any. TypeScript is popularly pushed by Angular, and you are probably watching this course because of it. But there are many other projects that support TypeScript out of the box or are written in it. Let's get started with learning the TypeScript fundamentals in the first lesson. I will see you there.

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