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Free Preview: Thinking in React: Higher Order Components



Using higher order components lets you enhance React components without the constraints and problems of inheritance. If you're familiar with functional programming, you might have heard of higher order functions. Higher order components work in much the same way, and they are the preferred way to share and reuse functionality for React components.

In this Coffee Break Course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you all about higher order components. You'll learn how a higher order component is just a function that takes an existing component and returns another component that wraps around it. You'll see how this is superior to inheritance and how it allows you to build enhancements or extensions that can be applied to any component. Along the way, you'll see a few examples of how to code a higher order component, and you'll see some real-world examples of how they can be useful.

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1.Thinking in React: Higher Order Components
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Thinking in React: Higher Order Components