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3.4 Splitting Panes

Sometimes while we're editing, there's a need to have more than one file open up at once. We know how to cycle through our files that are open up in the buffer, but sometimes there's really no substitute to see two files side by side. This is a straight forward process in Atom, but there's a little trick that can hold you up at first when you're getting started. Let's open up the command pallet and we'll search Pane: Split. We can see right here that we have Pane Split Up, Down, Left, and Right. And the command to split it right is Cmd+K+right. So let's go back into our editor, and we'll have Cmd+K+right. And you'll notice that nothings happening. Why is that? We hit Cmd+K+right. Let's open back our command pallet and we'll search Pane again. When we look again it looks like Cmd+K+right. And the keys are Cmd+K+right but it's actually Cmd+K then right. And this is a little subtlety you have to notice when you're doing your commands. So let's go back, and let's hit Cmd+K, now we'll let up and hit right. You'll notice that the file still opened to the left, so we'll close out of that. And now we see our index.html next to our JavaScript file. And let's say we wanted to open up our style.css. And rather than have these side by side, let's actually open this up to the bottom. So we'll hit Cmd+K, then pull up, and then hit down. This is a little cluttered, but if you need the panels open, this is the way you would do it. So remember, when we wanna split a new pane, we hit Cmd+K, and then we let up and hit whatever arrow key we want to split to. You'll notice this for a couple other types of keybindings as well. Now when you need to open up another pane, you'll be able to easily do it without being tripped up.

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