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Speedy workflows with atom.io
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6.6 Firepad

Collaborating on code projects can be challenging at times. We're not always located in the same place and sometimes you'd rather just not get up from your desk. There's a couple good online collaboration tools that you can use, but there's also a package for Atom called Firepad. Firepad was developed by Firebase, which is the company I work for. Even if I didn't work for Firebase, I'd still be talking to you about this package. From the terminal we'll type apm install firepad. To start Firepad we'll pull up the command pallet. And we'll type in firepad. And we see we have two options. Firepad share and unshare. Now we need to enter a string to identify the session. We'll call this one speedy-atom. At the bottom it tells us that the file is being shared. So let's bring this to half of the screen. And we'll just collapse out of the tree view. And now we need to open up another Atom instance. We can do that by saying Cmd+Shift+N. In the new Atom instance, we'll open up the command palate, we'll type in firepad and we'll also click Share. And in this session we called that speedy-atom. And right here we have the same file to the right as we do to the left. Currently, you don't see any syntax highlighting and that's because it's not saved. So, we'll save it to the desktop and we'll just call it APP.js. And now anything I do on one side will be reflected on the other. As I check it on one side, we see it updates on the other side as well. And the same thing works for both sides. The key here, is we can provide access to one single file. This way the other person won't have access to the entire project. If we want to unshare this file, we'll pull up the command palette again. And now we see firepad unshare. Now if I go and make any changes, we don't see them update on the other side. So doing code collaboration through Atom is extremely easy with the Firepad package. By just entering the command palette and typing in firepad share, we can enter in a key that we can share with somebody else. And they'll have access to help us collaborate on this file. And to unshare all we have to say is firepad unshare and then they'll no longer have access to the file. The next time you're looking for a code collaboration tool, I'd give Firepad a try.

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