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3.1 Command Palette

The chances are you're not gonna remember every single command that we go over throughout this course. And that's totally fine. A lot of different commands are gonna be thrown at you all at once. And if you remember we can hit command comma and then we can go into our key binding sections in our settings. And within here we can search our key bindings. So if we can't remember how to do full screen we can just search full. And we can see that control cmd-F allows us to go full screen. However this is a little slow, every time having to look up the command inside of the settings. There's a lot faster way to handle this, and we can do that within the command palate. In order to activate the command palate we hit cmd-shift-P. And from here, we have access to every single capability within Adam. If you wanna check out full screen, we can just type full screen right here. And we can see the command to toggle full screen. If you wanna change anything with themes, we can just type themes in and we have all the options we can do regarding themes. And from here we can actually go to the settings view and install themes. And as you can see this is a lot faster then having to hit cmd-, and then go in here into Themes and coming into the Themes view. And these are small games but over time they really do pay off. So if the Keybindings are your library. The command palette is your cheat sheet. Ideally, you don't wanna use the command pallet for everything. Because if every time you wanted to do a command, you went through the command pallet, even when we search for commands in the command pallet, we can see that the keybinding is provided to us in the corner right. So if you've forgotten it, it's good to use the command pallet, but every time you go and look at it, make sure you try to remember it because if you're doing it more than once it will be really beneficial to memorize the key binding. Now that we know how to find commands quickly, we need to know how we can find files quickly. In the next lesson, we'll go through and we'll identify some of the problems that we usually come across when finding files and we'll make all that much easier.

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