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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to tuts plus. My name Jose Mota. And this course will build a central authentication service with the Ruby language. So, what is this really? You might be wondering, what specific use cases we'll be covering. Well, let me show you. Here is a simple diagram to demonstrate the power of using such a service. I wanted to show you this to demonstrate how you can flexibly use a single user base for many different applications. You can have your business logic on one app and then you want to integrate other services along with them. For example, reporting applications, a chat app, for example, with your users' payments and for example, a shopping cart. This way, you get a service oriented approach to managing users. We're going to build a small subset of a protocol specification. By the JASIG group. They have a central authentication system of their own, but it's built in Java. So we're going to build one in Ruby. We're going to cover part of the specification, because even though it is small it is rather complex. I remember back in the time when I was learning about this. It was very hard to understand all of the bits and pieces of the protocol specification. We're going to cover a part of it. Don't worry, as the source code will be provided in order to assist you in your learning process. Just to let you know, this is kind of an advanced course. The code base that we'll study today involves a lot of knowledge on Ruby and object oriented practices. So, if you're still a bit uncomfortable about these, don't worry, it's okay. Just go back to the other courses in the network and you'll do just fine. Do those first, and then jump back in. I'm sure you'll feel a lot more comfortable. So, I hope you're excited about this. Let's get started. Let's jump right in to the next lesson.

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