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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Sails.js From Scratch. In this lesson I'll tell you a little about the course and what you can expect to have built by the end of it.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, folks, Sails.js is a powerful mvc web framework for node js that takes the pain out of developing modern, full stack JavaScript web applications. It enables rapid development by automatically creating and actions that allow us to quickly add data to work with while we build the app, and comes with a range of features, like a powerful database abstraction, and fully configured front end acid pipeline. My name is Dan Wellman. Welcome to Sails.js From Scratch from all of us here at Tutsplus. I'm going to be presenting the course and running the examples using a Windows computer. Don't worry if you don't have a Windows computer, all of the software we'll be using is compatible with Mac and Linux OSs also. During the course we'll build a simple dashboard that allows us to view telemetry data that some other application might be sending. We'll start out on the front-end and look at working with static acids and the grump based acid pipeline. We'll then move on to look at the different blueprints that sales adds for us when we start to create the back-end of the application. We'll also learn about sales default, no SQL database and how to switch to MongoDB. Later in the course, we'll build a simple authentication system that allows registered users to log in to the dashboard. We'll see how is work with customer middleware in order to salt and hash passwords and how to secure controllers with policies. Let's move on to the next lesson and get everything set up and ready to start building our application. Thanks for watching.

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